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Son Goku(OU)
07 October 2008 @ 09:40
I guess that party never happened... It's alright though. It's gettin' a little too cold for one like that anyway!

Maybe an indoor fall party will do though!? Anyone interested?
Son Goku(OU)
30 September 2008 @ 10:18
Wow... there was a lot of singin'... I wonder why...

Oh! An' I heard there was a tournament! I wanna' go watch!
Son Goku(OU)
What is it with me an' turnin' inta girls!?
Son Goku(OU)
15 September 2008 @ 20:03
Chii didn't go to bed here... where is Chii?

((OOC: I turned Goku into Chii~! XD Oh, if Gojyo wasn't so FTW he would be having a field day~ Feel free to poke!))
Current Mood: confusedconfused
Son Goku(OU)
13 September 2008 @ 19:49
... Shit...

Sorry guys! I don't know what came over me! Honest!
Son Goku(OU)
How pathetic everyone is in this horrible place.

I know~ I'll just have to make everyone as miserable as possible while I'm here!

((OOC: Feel free to think that Goku has fucked with your head a little or something. He's been meat!puppeted so he be evil now! Also, doing threads is a must!))
Son Goku(OU)
Everyone's been saying Belldandy is an awesome cook! I must judge it for myself!

((OOC: Yes... Goku-muse almost died on me and is still hovering there. I'm hoping this plot with turning Goku into a meat puppet and reading the new volume of Saiyuki Reload might help bring Goku back. I hope so... T-T I love my cutey Goku even if he won't speak to me...))
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Son Goku(OU)
20 August 2008 @ 19:11
Cake Head isn't mean... Unless it means a different Cake Head?
Son Goku(OU)
17 August 2008 @ 11:01
Man oh man am I bored!

How about a re-match Cake Head!? I could totally kick your ass!

An' the party meetin' needs to be organized too.

Oh yeah! An' the Super Hero club needs to have it's first meetin'! You guys know who you are, let's make a date now for the very first one!
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