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Son Goku(OU)
1 April 1990
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Character: Son Goku
Series/Fandom: Saiyuki
Original or Alternate: Original
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Half Youkai/Half Demon
Sexuality: He's a curious monkey, so bi-sexual.
Appearance: He's 51 kg in weight and 162 cm in height, with golden eyes, chocolate colored hair, and tanned skin (blood type O, an Aries, and his birthdate is April 5th~ XD) He has a large and innocent look to his eyes. He is very muscular, not so much that he is bulging with muscles on muscles, but they are easy to see. He wears torn jeans, a white shirt with suspenders, and a yellow cape (for some god forsaken reason). His Nyoi-bou is a red staff that can stretch to any infinite length, with gold balls on each end.
When the Seiten Taisei he is exactly the same, except for his sharp and long youkai ears, fangs that seem animalistic replace his teeth, and his eyes grow very cat like; with slits in the center. He grows very long claws and a strange symbol on his stomach that represents the Earth in some way.
Personality: His brain is always filled with food and games. He his rather naive and curious about things, but despite knowing some of the rather dark things in life, he still always appears so innocent. He has little to no common sense, and he does act without thinking for the most part. He's a playful little bugger too, which is the reason why he likes to fight so much (as well as pick on his companions during their travels). He wears his heart out on his sleeve, and will cry when he has to face something which would be hard to face. He still thinks life is unfair rather than accepting the fact that this is just how life works. He does have an optimistic personality, however, and because of this he has became the mascot of the Sanzo party; made fun of by Gojyo, yelled at by Sanzo, and watched over by Hakkai.
Abilities/Strengths: Goku is very powerful, the most powerful of the group, and he can stand up to even the most powerful of youkai on his own. When he is Seiten Taisei he is the Great Sage Equal to Heaven, not a god, but a powerful demon that can not even be defeated by a god who is fighting alone. He has a good ability of being able to learn how to get stronger quickly thanks to his determination to be stronger. With his optimism that's hard to beat he rarely is down and out. He also has a strong endurance. When the Seiten Taisei, his power is almost infinite and he can use the Earth's energy to heal himself.
Weaknesses: He rarely thinks before he acts, making him predictable, and he likes to whine and get distracted by food. He also has a short temper and a very foul mouth. When it comes to Sanzo he will do the best he can to protect him at any cost. If something happens to Sanzo, he is either distracted the entire fight, or so angry he is beating the enemy to a pulp. When he does worry he will dwell on it until someone comments on his strange actions. He also does not understand that life is unfair, and hates the injustice of actions that must conspire in order to survive another day or to save others.
Notable Possessions: Nyoi-bou, a magical crudgel that can extend into a sansekkon staff, and the diadem he wears around his head. That his the youkai power limiter that keeps him from become Seiten Taisei.

History: [here]

Barracks Assignment: Dor-Tria

Training Section: Yet to be determined.

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